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New Mt Harvey/Pup Buttress trail sign

09 Aug 2016 11:06 AM | Brent Nixon

Yesterday I replaced the trail sign for Harveys North Ramp (4th class) and Pup Buttress (10a). The old sign was a white piece of plastic impossible to read and highly deteriorated. I replaced it with a piece of pine wood with words burnt into the grain. This makes it very easy to identify the turn for climbers when coming up the main road/trail from Lions Bay :)

Its 2.4 km from the gate to the new sign/junction, then another 2.5km to the base of Harveys Ramp. Ascent is 2900 ft. Time takes approx. 2 hrs with climbing gear to the Ramp. 

Also, I added some orange flagging along the junction trail and a few pieces across the talus with the odd cairn to show the path up towards the Ramp. 

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