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Cypress Village Development - Godman Creek Boulders

11 Jul 2016 10:29 AM | Brent Nixon

The planning of Cypress Village has started. On April 18th, 2016 the District of West Vancouver Council approved a report outlining a process for the planning of the Village in three phases. 

The goal by 2018 is for council to adopt a Cypress Village Area Development Plan, setting the zoning and implementation framework for the village.

The Vision for Cypress Village has been emerging for more than a decade.  In May 2016, the Cypress Village Planning Team began a focused campaign to build on existing policies and ideas through a comprehensive dialogue with stakeholders and the West Vancouver community (see links below).

As part of the stakeholder group and representing CASBC, Rich Wheater and myself met with the British Properties development team (BPDT). The development is centered over an area of significant bouldering for Vancouver known as the Godman Creek Boulders (see Vancouver Climbing Guidebook). Without knowing much about what to expect, Rich and I proceeded into the prestigious meeting room of the Capilano Golf & Country Club. 

To our delectation, the BPDT was very receptive to all recreational stakeholders at the table, including us. The lead planner requested GPS coordinates for the boulders from Rich so she could overlay them on the planning map to preserve their integrity. They were very keen to create something new, something like Whistler but, perhaps better. We left the meeting quite happy and excited to see what the BPDT creates. 

The creation of Cypress Village can be seen as an environmental set back and opposed or it can be seen as an opportunity. British Properties owns the land and as a private land owner they can do as they please within limitations set by the district. So, why not accept their progressive approach to development (which we can not stop anyway) and work together to create a community plan that has, perhaps, never been achieved before. Where natural conservation, recreational interests, and living are integrated. 

Rich and I left the stakeholder meeting excited for the future because it could possibly put Vancouver Climbing on the map (so to speak). To demonstrate our sport in an integrated, and natural way, within a community that does not percieve the activity as fringe, or extreme. This may open the door for future negotiations with private land owners that do not allow climbing.  

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