Quadra Island

26 Jun 2016 1:21 PM | Anonymous

Alongside the beautiful beaches and rolling hills of Quadra Island,  there is a lot of rocky shoreline and craggy rock outcrops so it's no surprise that there is some excellent rock climbing to be found. Climbers have been exploring the bluffs on Quadra, Cortes and the neighbouring Discovery Islands since at least the 1980s. Breton Island, the Gorge on Cortes Island and the crags at Morte Lake all have some history going back more than 35 years.

Over the past few years a renewed effort has resulted in the development of over 150 routes, adding to the incredible recreation opportunities of the island and drawing climbers from further afield.

The best and most developed areas are at Chinese Mountains, Morte Lake and Breton Island with some undeveloped potential being identified at Clear Lake, Kanish Bay and Granite Point.

The crags are well equipped for a safe and enjoyable climbing experience. The majority of the climbs are bolt-protected 'sport' climbs with easily and/or safely accessed top anchors. The high quality of the rock, the interesting, positive holds and stunning, scenic aesthetic of the Quadra Crags make for one of the best rock climbing areas in the Vancouver Island region.

Guidebook: a detailed local guidebook is a available from Wild Isle Publications by mail order or locally on Quadra Island at Book Bonanza in Quathiaski Cove or the Yak Shack in Heriot Bay.

The climbing on Quadra Island will especially appeal to moderate climbers. The majority of the established routes are between 5.7 to 5.10 with just a handful of lines harder than 5.11. There are some outstanding hard lines waiting to be sent though, just takes someone to come, equip and climb them!

The routes breakdown into the following grades:
<5.5 • 10 routes
5.6 • 10 routes
5.7 • 20 routes
5.8 • 25 routes
5.9 • 30 routes
5.10- • 30 routes
5.10+ • 15 routes
5.11 • 15 routes
5.12 • 1 route

The average length of the routes is ~30m mostly single pitch that can be top roped with a 60m rope. But there are some longer climbs too especially at Eagle Crag which has a couple of dozen routes between 45 & 60m some climbed as 2 or 3 pitches.
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