Squamish Rampage

26 Jun 2016 1:08 PM | Allen Agopsowicz (Administrator)

The Squamish Access Society conducted a survey over the last month regarding the upcoming Squamish Rampage Festival on August 13th, 2016. The festival revolves around the Stawamus Chief Boulders and is starting to gather a fair amount of momentum. Squamish Access Society was looking for public opinion regarding the festival.

Squamish Access Society recently met with organizers of the Rampage charity bouldering competition, which takes place for a third consecutive year in 2016. Reasons for the meeting included concerns about the impact of the event and the invoking of SAS’s name in Rampage’s interactions with key counter-parties like District of Squamish and BC Parks. Following the meeting it was agreed that Emilisa Frirdich, a SAS director, would join Rampage’s planning committee, and that Rampage should fund-raise purely for the Climb and Conquer charity, and not for SAS (charitable proceeds were shared previously).

Subsequent to the meeting, SAS surveyed the membership to check attitudes to Rampage. Key results of this survey were:

1. Members are mostly neutral-to-favourably inclined toward the event
2. Members have numerous concerns about the event’s impact. These results support SAS decision to engage with Rampage constructively with a view to encourage changes that would reduce impacts, rather than wholly disassociate from the event.

Climbers' Access Society of British Columbia began in 1996 and is a registered charity. 

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